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If your urine colour is between 1 - 3, you are Hydrated which is good for healthy body and    vital for top performance. You must continue

to consume fluids to stay Hydrated.

 If your urine colour is between 4 - 6, you

are Dehydrated which will decrease your

performance. You must increase fluid intake

as soon as possible to become Hydrated.

If urine colour is 7-8 you are Dangerously Dehydrated which can lead to serious

illness. You must increase fluid intake now!

To ensure you are Hydrated and do not become  Dehydrated, you must drink fluids regularly e.g. Water, Lucozade Sport or Powerade. You must consume additional fluids when exercising and the recommended amount is a minimum of 8 glasses or 2 litres of water per day.

It's essential  to consume at least 5 pieces of fruit &/or veg a day, as this will supply the body with vital minerals and vitamins.

The '5 a day' can be spread out throughout the day and can be taken as a snack or included with lunch or dinner.

All modern day sports stars ensure they are well hydrated and include '5 a day' in their daily diet. This will increase performance and aid with a healthier mind and body.

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